companyMany times, there has been people doing political acts but their efforts have not been recognized and regarded as talents. Obama in 30 seconds is a site or rather a project that has been started for people who are willing to make political acts of the major politicians. This site is welcoming participants from all over the globe who know that they can act to be like Obama, Bush, Clinton and other famous highly ranked politicians in the world. The acting could be anything, it could be a speech, a dance or any form of act that the politician normally does and it is known to be typically for that politician.

The competition is for all ages because acting is talent and talent is in all ages. People are required to record themselves through videos and submit these videos to the site bearing the name and the location of the actor. The videos will then be watched and voted for to determine the winner. Once the winner has been determined, a camera worth $20000 is going to be offered so as to support the acting career of that artist. Already there was a winner for Bush in 30 seconds and the rewards were already disbursed to the people.