Barrack Hussein Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. He formed history for being the first black president to rule US and his victory came as the fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s dream who prophesied that one day, America shall be led by a black man. Since his inauguration ceremony up to his historical acts as a president has made him a man of the people and he is now called the president of the free nation. Among the works he has done include:

#1. The first president to pass a health care reform in the US


Over a whole century, after the previous five presidents failed to pass the health care act, Obama made it happen for people to enjoy unique treatment over all the diseases in the United States. Today, the act is covering over forty million people across the land of the United States. This is because many of them were unable to pay hospital bills owing to the expensiveness of the health care in the States.

#2. He passed the stimulus


This acted like an economic accelerator since its approval up to date. It was meant for the economic recovery of America and it has been of help because the billions of debts are now reducing day after day which makes the taxpayer relieved a bit. This was the signing of the $787 billion recovery act in 2009.

#3. Iraq war


Iraq is now safe after Obama intervened. No war again and people are living a peaceful life in Iraq. He is also the master mind behind the capture of Osama Bin Laden the profound terrorist who caused sleepless nights to many leaders like Bush and other presidents. His slogan, “yes we can” has been adapted by many people due to such deeds and even the great dictators in the world shut their mouths when he is around.